Pricing Guide – ZC Papers

Annual License Overview
ZC Papers offers an unlimited campus-wide license based on the total number of enrolled students.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Usage: ZC Papers can be used on an unlimited number of papers during the year within the given campus.
  • Access: All professors within the institution will have access to ZC Papers.
  • Simple Enrollment Count: The pricing tier is determined by the maximum number of total enrolled students during the last 12 months. This ensures a fixed annual price, providing unlimited usage on campus regardless of student count fluctuations.
  • No Additional Costs: There are zero upgrade fees or additional software requirements.
  • Pilot Program: Institutions can take advantage of unlimited free use for one semester. No formal contract or agreement is required. Anywhere from 1 to unlimited professors.
  • Flexible Contract length: One-year contracts with discounts available for multi-year commitments, ensuring stable and predictable pricing.
  • Payment Terms: Payment is due within 30 days of the contract's official start date.
  • Payment Method: Electronic Funds Transfer is preferred- ACH or Wire.
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Pricing Tiers

Our progressive pricing model reduces the cost per student as you add more students. Enjoy lower rates with higher enrollments.

First 1,000 Students $12
Next 4,000 Students $10
Next 5,000 Students $8
Next 10,000 Students $6
Next 30,000 Students $4
Over 51,000 Students Contact for Pricing


Yes, Zero Cheating seeks to make its services available in an equitable fashion on a global scale. Thus, we can adjust pricing to account for variations in currency values and purchasing power. Please contact us directly to discuss.

Yes, we offer both scholarships and financial aid to qualifying institutions. Please contact us directly to discuss.

The count includes all students enrolled in at least one class during the highest enrollment semester over the past 12 months.

Increases in student count during the contract term are considered at the time of renewal, not mid-contract. Thus, pricing will never increase mid-year.

The pilot program offers unlimited access for one semester, allowing both professors and administrators to utilize ZC Papers without restrictions. The only limitation is the one-semester duration.

Updates and enhancements are made to improve the service continually. These will not incur additional costs for institutions under current contracts.