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Secure, Fair, and Focused on 100% Learning for All

Mission Statement

To create an environment of zero cheating and 100% learning, educators should be empowered to focus on teaching, and students on learning.

Vision Statement

To live in a world where cheating is obsolete. Teachers focus solely on teaching and students focus on learning.



Zero Cheating respects the privacy of all individuals. We take the following measures to respect and protect student data:

Our exam proctoring software uses a background filter to safeguard students’ private home environments.

Exam monitoring data is securely and temporarily stored in adherence to industry-standard security practices.

We are fully FERPA-compliant.

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Zero Cheating is dedicated to safeguarding academic integrity by creating an environment of 0% cheating and 100% learning. Our software provides concrete evidence of potential academic violations during both exam and paper assessments. The professor has complete autonomy over any decisions, avoiding any false positives. We share our methods with students to ensure a fair academic assessment environment.


Zero Cheating’s academic software is 100% inclusive, evaluating all students fairly regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or other demographic factors. Our solutions secure academic integrity without any prejudice or bias.

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    Objective Evaluation

Our systems only flag specific, concrete instances of academic dishonesty as opposed to behavioral anomalies. For example, our exam proctoring software captures a photo of a student holding a cell phone, not an AI indication of facial behavior.

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    Inclusive Technology

All identity verification is confirmed using biometrics that work universally well across diverse populations. All students are treated fairly, regardless of their skin tone or physical attributes.

Company History

The idea for Zero Cheating was formulated during Covid in response to a cheating pandemic. Neil Parsont, a professional tutor for over 15 years, was privy to years of first-hand data concerning how students cheated. He focused solely on educating his students until cheating became widespread, which prevented him from helping any of them. In 2022, students at FAU formed a large Discord Chat of 77 members and shared all of the exams and answers. In response to this, Parsont filed a patent on an exam proctoring system using an external camera, which prevented all forms of cheating. Later, in 2023, in response to a second pandemic of cheating with ChatGPT - Parsont innovated a unique paper software to evaluate the writing process, confirming the authenticity of papers. Parsont has established the goal of Zero Cheating’s software to ensure students are learning, not catching them cheating. The company's mission is to:

To create an environment of zero cheating and 100% learning, educators should be empowered to focus on teaching and students on learning.

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