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Embracing PIE Values: Privacy, Integrity, Equity

At Zero Cheating, we are driven by our unwavering commitment to PIE values: Privacy, Integrity, and Equity. These values form the foundation of our exam proctoring solutions, ensuring that students’ privacy is protected, exam and paper integrity is maintained, and fairness is upheld for all. Through innovative technologies and inclusive practices, we strive to create a trusted and level playing field where academic excellence can flourish. Join us in our pursuit of academic integrity and discover how our PIE values make a difference in the world of online assessments.

Privacy – At Zero Cheating, we prioritize the privacy and data protection of students. Our exam proctoring software includes a background filter to safeguard students’ private home environments. We adhere to industry-standard security practices to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data. While we don’t store student data permanently, it is securely transferred to the exam administrator, who retains ownership. For specific details regarding data security measures, we encourage private discussions between our tech provider and the customer’s IT department.

Integrity – Our company is dedicated to maintaining academic integrity. We equip exam administrators with clear and compelling evidence of any suspicious activity, including photos and videos, to effectively address potential cheating incidents. Additionally, we provide detailed summary reports for all exams and papers, highlighting any suspicious instances and making it easier for professors to identify and address cheating cases efficiently.

Equity – Zero Cheating is committed to fostering inclusivity and fairness for all students. Our monitoring methods prioritize device-based monitoring for exams, eliminating cultural, gender, or ethnic bias often associated with AI proctoring services. Additionally, when evaluating papers, we focus on analyzing the writing process rather than the content itself, ensuring that students are not falsely flagged based on writing styles or differences.

By leveraging these principles of privacy, integrity, and equity, Zero Cheating strives to create a secure and unbiased exam environment that supports student success while upholding academic standards.

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zero cheating Leadership

Neil Parsont

Neil Parsont Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Neil’s experience lies primarily in the education industry with a strong fervor and successful entrepreneurial spirit in the tutoring sector. Competing and winning the notable 2012 Florida Atlantic University Business Plan Competition, Neil transformed his academic pursuits into a 15-year career utilizing his newfound expertise, helping thousands of students achieve their academic goals... Read More

Neil graduated with his MBA from FAU and has continued to pursue his business ventures inclusive of raising over $500k+ in debt and equity capital for other start-ups. His latest endeavor, Zero Cheating is expected to be just as triumphant.

Matthew Bordy

Matthew Bordy Software Engineer Lead

A serial entrepreneur and product development professional, Matthew Bordy brings creativity and a unique view on the world of product development and business. Matthew is experienced in product development management and manufacturing from consulting new startups and running a product design group for a fortune 500 company. Read More

He has led and participated in numerous programs with national and international brands, such as: Office Depot, Home Depot, Lowes, BMW Design works USA, ACCO, V-Tech, Li & Fung, Big Red Roster, Emerson, SanDisk, Skill, Craftsmen, Husky, Workforce.

Zero Cheating Story

zero cheating Story

Zero Cheating was founded by CEO Neil Parsont in response to the alarming increase in cheating during the COVID-19 pandemic. As online education became more prevalent, students started forming large chat groups, some of which became platforms for widespread distribution of entire exam answers for cheating purposes. Neil Parsont, who was marketing his tutoring services to students in these chats, personally witnessed the extent of cheating. In one chat with over 200 students, he came across photos of an entire exam being shared.

Zero Cheating Story

This eye-opening experience served as a catalyst for Neil Parsont to create Zero Cheating. Drawing from his 15 years of experience in the education field, he realized the pressing need for a simple and effective system that would prevent all forms of cheating. Zero Cheating was developed with a clear mission: to ensure fairness, integrity, and security in educational assessments, regardless of the learning environment.

With its comprehensive solution, Zero Cheating aims to tackle the challenges faced during online education and provide a robust proctoring software that upholds academic integrity. The company has continually evolved its system to meet the changing needs of educational institutions, professors, and students, striving to create a future where cheating and unfair advantages no longer hinder academic excellence.