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Empower Your Faculty with our
Free Academic Integrity Pilot Program

We make implementation very easy. Simply select at least 3 faculty members to trial our software, and we take care of the rest—from onboarding to answering all technical questions. The software works with any LMS, avoiding the need for IT support. The trial requires no legal or contractual agreements. The software is fully FERPA compliant, with no PII collected by the company or third parties. At the end of the term, your faculty will tell you how great the software is and we can formalize a paid agreement.

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How the Pilot Program Works Step-by-Step Process

Book an Initial Consultation

Schedule a session via Calendly to discuss implementation.

Implement the Software

Your professors tell you how much more the students are learning.

Discuss Formal Relationship

We confirm all the details to make sure our software is perfect for your institution.

Start Protecting Academic Integrity Today!

Common Questions and Concerns

Our software recreates the writing process to ensure the authenticity of student submissions, focusing on transparency and prevention. Leveraging AI technology, it offers advanced academic integrity solutions.

All data is exclusively stored on your institution’s Google Drive. Zero Cheating has no access to student names, emails, or papers. Our system uses artificial intelligence to maintain data security.

The software can be set up immediately without any need for IT support. The setup process is simple and utilizes AI to streamline implementation.

Our software works independently with any LMS, requiring no integration. It seamlessly integrates with existing educational platforms.

Students are fully informed about how the software works to emphasize our prevention-focused approach. The use of AI is clearly communicated to ensure transparency.

The pilot program is completely free for participants. Experience the benefits of artificial intelligence in education without any financial commitment.

You will receive full support throughout the pilot, including an initial consultation and ongoing assistance as needed. Our team, powered by AI insights, is here to help.

The pilot program is flexible and can be adapted to fit your institution’s schedule. It is typically designed to be used for at least one assignment in the current semester.

Yes, the software is scalable and can be implemented across multiple classes or departments.

After the pilot, we will gather your feedback to help improve the software. There is no obligation to continue using the software after the pilot ends.

Yes, the pilot program is flexible and can be tailored to both individual departments and the entire campus. Whether you're piloting the software for a single department or exploring broader implementation, we provide full support to meet your needs.

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