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Our academic integrity software promotes fairness and academic honesty by detecting and preventing cheating in student papers. We prioritize equity and non-discrimination, ensuring that factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, or any personal attributes do not influence the assessment of academic integrity.

Our software employs advanced tools to analyze the writing process and identify external authorship. By focusing on objective metrics, we differentiate between legitimate papers and those with external authorship without bias or prejudice. Our commitment to equity means that our software remains unbiased, treating all students fairly and equally.

Zero Cheating Paper Authentication

How It Works

How It Work

Advanced Analysis for Uncovering External Authorship

Our software employs sophisticated algorithms and mathematical analysis to determine if a paper has external authorship. Unlike other software solutions, which analyze the final version of a paper, our software analyzes the entire writing process, including the time to write, pattern of writing, editing process, and other measurable metrics.

Key Features

Zero Cheating Key Features

Unparalleled Features for Accurate Detection

Our academic integrity software offers the following key features:

  • Detects ANY form of external authorship, including the use of AI such as ChatGPT, another person writing the paper for the student, and plagiarism.
  • Compares the process of a legitimate paper to an externally authored paper, considering factors such as total active time, average words per minute, pattern of typing new content, and amount of revisions and edits.
  • Cloud-based software capable of analyzing Google Docs, with plans to expand compatibility to other document formats in the future.

Video Evidence and Zero False Positives

Providing Clear Evidence and Eliminating False Positives

Our software goes beyond simply identifying external authorship. It generates video evidence of the cheating, allowing professors to easily understand what the student did. Our system has been rigorously tested and has provided zero false positives to date, ensuring accurate and reliable results.


Ensuring Fairness and Impartiality

Our software remains unbiased and does not discriminate against anyone based on their race, gender, or any other personal attributes. We understand that individuals’ backgrounds may influence their writing style, but our analysis focuses solely on the writing process and the metrics that differentiate legitimate papers from those with external authorship.

Privacy and Data Security

Protecting Data and Privacy

We prioritize privacy and data security. Our software is accessible only by faculty or admins, ensuring that student data remains confidential. It does not track, send, or save any data accessible to Zero Cheating, guaranteeing 100% privacy and data security.

Instructions for Faculty

Promoting Proper Usage and Academic Integrity

To maintain academic integrity, we offer the following implementation assistance

  • Clear content and directions for students to ensure the document is written entirely in Google Docs.
  • Full Assistance integrating Google Docs assignments into the course.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We address common questions regarding our academic integrity software:

Can the student use Microsoft Word or only Google Docs?

The software only works with Google Docs as other editing programs do not capture sufficient metadata for thorough analysis.

What if the student types the paper in?

The process of typing in a complete paper differs significantly from a normal paper, both in terms of time taken and the pattern of typing and editing. Our software can easily identify these differences.

What if the student leaves the program open, waiting between edits to increase the time to a real paper?

The software can easily distinguish between active typing/editing time versus idle time. Thus, the paper is benchmarked using only active time.

How does the software work with my LMS?

The software seamlessly integrates into any LMS as it works with Google Docs. We provide full assistance with implementation.

How complicated is the software to use?

We understand faculty members are very busy so we made it as simple as possible. Simply press a single button and the software runs the report telling you exactly which papers to view for suspicious activity.

How do I view the reports?

Once all the assignments are submitted to the Google drive folder, a single button click of our program generates all the reports for you.

What guarantee do I have that the student violated our academic code of ethics?

We provide you a video of exactly what happened so you can be the judge.