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Neil Parsont

Neil Parsont Founder, Chief Executive Officer

“With over 15 years in academia, I can assure you that Zero Cheating is not about setting traps. Our goal is to provide a transparent and supportive environment where every student can confidently showcase their skills and knowledge, free from dishonesty. Let’s be clear about how we operate.”

Zero Cheating Monitor

What We Monitor (So You Can Test with Confidence)

Clarifying Real Cheating vs. Normal Behavior: Everyone has unique habits during exams. Our focus is on detecting explicit acts of cheating, backed by undeniable evidence:

  • Cheat Sheets: Content is shared with the professor to verify it is allowed.
  • Hidden Earpieces: Detected through our advanced infrared technology.
  • Phone Usage: photographic evidence is provided to the test administrator.
  • Remote Desktop Login: Our software detects if another person is controlling your computer.
  • Multiple Monitors: Any extra screens active during the test are detected.
  • Browsing Prohibited Websites: All website access during the exam is monitored.
  • Virtual Machine Usage: Software specifically detects and reports.
  • Hidden Notes: Our software specifically checks for notes on objects or other unusual places.
  • Notes on Monitor: The multi-lens camera captures a photo of them.
  • Documenting Test Content: Capturing content for unfair advantage will be flagged.
  • Other Individuals: Reported only if someone actively assists you during the test.

Behaviors We Understand Are Natural: Our AI focuses on actual cheating indicators and doesn’t pry into natural human behaviors – you will NOT be flagged for any of the following:

  • Glancing around
  • Unplanned interruptions
  • Talking to oneself
  • Emotional reactions to challenging questions
  • Brief distractions

Tests can be intense, but we’re on your side, ensuring your genuine efforts shine through without undue stress. If you are not cheating, you have nothing to worry about.

Natural Human Behaviors

Respecting Your Privacy

Respecting your Privacy
  • Focused Monitoring: We’re all about fairness. Recording only happens with undeniable evidence of cheating attempts.
  • Your Biometrics, Your Control:
    • Seamless Verification: As simple as unlocking your phone.
    • Fair Recognition: Every student is recognized equitably.
    • Data Integrity: Your biometric data isn’t stored, shared, or sold. Post-verification, it’s deleted.

Our Core Values: P.I.E.

Privacy Integrity About
  • Privacy: We respect your personal space and employ a background filter.
  • Integrity: We promise transparency and fairness in all our processes.
  • Equity : Variations between race, genders and identity do not affect your testing experience

In Conclusion

In Conclusion

At Zero Cheating, our commitment is to uphold fairness in academics, ensuring everyone’s hard work is accurately represented. Should you have concerns or face any technical hitches, our support is here for you. We prioritize your success, mental well-being, and peace of mind.

Zero Cheating FAQ

zero cheating Frequently Asked Questions

What do you monitor during exams?

Explicit acts of cheating, ranging from cheat sheets to external assistance.

How do you differentiate between cheating and natural behaviors?

Our AI identifies clear signs of cheating but understands and ignores natural human behaviors.

How do you ensure my privacy during exams?

Only with clear evidence of cheating do we record. Your biometric data remains secure and is never stored, shared, or sold.

What is “focused monitoring”?

We zero in only on definite indications of cheating.

What if I’m mistakenly flagged?

Photographic evidence, like using a phone during an exam, is provided to the educator. If concerns arise, students can directly discuss with their professor.

How do you accommodate students with disabilities?

We respect inclusivity. Our system doesn’t flag behaviors, ensuring no student, irrespective of disabilities, faces any disadvantage.

Is biometric verification inclusive?

Yes, we utilize standard Android and iPhone verification systems, ensuring no biases based on any factors.

Is the mobile app mandatory for verification?

It’s primarily for biometric verification, much like regular phone unlocking. The airplane mode option depends on the professor’s discretion.

How long do you retain cheating evidence and who can access it?

Evidence is directly shared with the professor and isn’t stored long-term on our systems.

How secure is my data with Zero Cheating?

We hold cheating-related data only temporarily, minimizing any risks.

Are there any browsing restrictions during the test?

This depends on the professor’s guidelines. You’ll have access to permitted sites.

How can I provide feedback or report issues?

Your feedback is crucial to us. Reach out anytime through our 24/7 email support.

What devices support Zero Cheating?

Our system works seamlessly with modern computers and smartphones.