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Revolutionizing the field of academic integrity, Zero Cheating stands as a premier provider of exam proctoring software, dedicated to ensuring fairness, security, and privacy in educational assessments. With a deep understanding of the concerns surrounding equity, cheating, and student privacy, we created a comprehensive solution upholding these fundamental values. Our innovative patent-pending technology and determined commitment to academic integrity empowers institutions, educators and students to embrace a fair environment promoting honesty and privacy. At Zero Cheating, we firmly believe that every student deserves an equal opportunity to showcase their abilities, unburdened by bias or unfair advantages. Together, let us shape a future where academic excellence thrives, free from the obstacles posed by cheating and inequity.


Zero Cheating Privacy
  • Limited Recording: Zero Cheating only records students when suspicious activity is detected, such as the presence of disallowed items. Students are not constantly monitored or recorded during the entire exam.
  • Controlled Data Access: Video recordings are available for a short period of time for the university to download and review. Zero Cheating does not store the recordings indefinitely, ensuring that the safety of the data is entrusted to the university.
  • Privacy Protection: Our software incorporates advanced privacy features, such as a background filter, to prevent the capture of students’ private surroundings. This protects their personal space and respects their privacy rights.
  • Data Security: Zero Cheating works closely with technology partners to implement industry-standard security measures, safeguarding student data from hacks, leaks, and unauthorized access.


Zero Cheating offers a comprehensive solution to address various forms of cheating while ensuring a fair and secure exam environment. Its key features include:

Comprehensive Solution To Cheating
  • Comprehensive Detection: Zero Cheating employs advanced technology, including a proprietary patent-pending camera equipped with a motion sensor and multiple lenses, to accurately identify the items students are using and detect any unauthorized presence in the room. This ensures that only approved materials are used and prevents the presence of additional individuals during the exam. Moreover, the software has the capability to detect if students are attempting to cast their screen or use external monitors via Bluetooth, HDMI, or other methods. This further enhances the detection capabilities and maintains the integrity of the exam process.
  • Phone and Device Control: To eliminate potential cheating opportunities, Zero Cheating requires students to put their phones in airplane mode. This measure prevents access to external resources and ensures a distraction-free testing environment.
  • Enhanced Monitoring: Proctors using Zero Cheating have access to a comprehensive view of the student’s workspace, allowing them to monitor all materials being used during the exam. This includes confirming the use of approved calculators, specific notecard sizes, or any other permitted resources. Additionally, the software can detect the use of unauthorized devices, such as phones or tablets, further enhancing the monitoring capabilities.
  • Advanced Browser Lockdown: Zero Cheating’s locked-down browser restricts access to external websites and prevents the use of software emulators. This eliminates the possibility of cheating through online search engines or virtual machines.
  • Proactive Audio Monitoring: Zero Cheating utilizes proactive audio monitoring to detect and flag any suspicious sounds or voice activity during the exam. This feature helps identify potential cheating attempts, ensuring the integrity of the assessment process.

These features, combined with the use of a proprietary patent-pending camera equipped with a motion sensor and multiple lenses, enable Zero Cheating to provide schools and educational institutions with a robust solution to combat cheating effectively. By employing comprehensive detection measures, device control, enhanced monitoring, advanced browser lockdown, and proactive audio monitoring, Zero Cheating promotes a fair and secure testing environment, maintaining the integrity of assessments.


  • Fair Assessment: Zero Cheating ensures fair assessment by focusing on identifying and flagging disallowed items or materials during the exam, rather than monitoring student movements or facial expressions.
  • Accessibility for All: Our software accommodates students with diverse needs and disabilities by not penalizing them for movements or physical symptoms that may be unrelated to cheating.
  • Inclusive Technology: Zero Cheating’s proprietary multi-lens camera provides a near 360-degree view, allowing for comprehensive monitoring without hindering student mobility.
  • Non-Discriminatory: Our technology does not exhibit bias or discriminate against students based on their race, gender identity, or other personal characteristics.


Zero Cheating revolutionizes the reporting process by providing accurate and comprehensive information regarding potential violations. With Zero Cheating, professors can expect the following improvements in their reporting experience:

  • Organized Presentation: Zero Cheating organizes the report in a manner that prioritizes the most likely violations at the top. This allows professors to quickly identify and address potential cheating incidents, saving valuable time and effort.
  • Visual Evidence: Instead of relying solely on textual descriptions, Zero Cheating enhances the reporting process by providing professors with direct access to visual evidence for each potential violation. Professors can click on a link associated with each student’s violation to click on a link associated with each student’s violation to view photos, videos, or recordings capturing the specific instance of the violation.
    • Video and Photo Evidence: If a student is suspected of using unauthorized materials, such as a phone or extra notes, Zero Cheating captures video or photographic evidence showcasing the violation. Professors can review these visual records to gain a clear understanding of the extent of the violation.
    • Monitoring for Unauthorized Individuals: In situations where another person is detected in the room during the exam, Zero Cheating captures photographic or video evidence of the unauthorized presence. Professors can assess the evidence to determine if there was a breach of exam regulations.
    • Recording Screen Activity: Zero Cheating records the screen activity of students throughout the exam. If a student accesses disallowed websites or engages in any other prohibited activity, professors can access the corresponding recording to verify the violation. Notably, the recorded video or screen activity only focuses on the violating part, ensuring efficient review without unnecessary time investment.

By incorporating visual evidence and streamlining the reporting process, Zero Cheating empowers professors to make accurate assessments of potential violations. This comprehensive approach enhances the effectiveness of the reporting system, ultimately promoting academic integrity and fair evaluation.

Values at Zero Cheating: Respecting Privacy, Ensuring Transparency, Upholding Integrity, and Embracing Simplicity

Respecting Privacy

Zero Cheating Respecting Privacy

At Zero Cheating, we prioritize and deeply respect the privacy and individuality of every student. We understand the importance of creating a secure and comfortable environment during exams. Unlike other companies, we are committed to implementing privacy-conscious measures that uphold students’ rights. For instance, we do not record every aspect of the exam session, eliminating unnecessary intrusion. We do not require room scans or invade personal spaces. Additionally, our advanced technology incorporates a background filter, ensuring that your surroundings remain private. We also refrain from flagging for common eye or face movements, which often lead to false positives and unnecessary concerns. With Zero Cheating, students can be confident that their privacy and life choices are respected throughout the examination process.

Ensuring Transparency

Ensuring Transparency

At Zero Cheating, we believe in complete transparency throughout our system. We want students and professors to have a clear understanding of how our monitoring process works and what specific behaviors we are looking for. Unlike other companies that rely on hidden or opaque algorithms, our approach is straightforward and easily understandable.

For example, let’s say a professor uses Zero Cheating for an exam. The professor and students are informed in advance about the specific rules and guidelines for the exam. During the exam, our software focuses on identifying and flagging any disallowed items or materials that violate these guidelines. This could include unauthorized notes, external devices, or accessing prohibited websites.

At the end of the exam, both the professor and the student receive a detailed report outlining any potential violations that were flagged. The report includes clear explanations of why each violation was identified, providing a transparent view of the monitoring process. By providing this level of transparency, Zero Cheating ensures that students have a clear understanding of the expectations and can take necessary precautions to avoid unintentional violations.

We believe that transparency builds trust and confidence in our solution, fostering a fair and open environment where academic integrity is valued. With Zero Cheating, you can trust that every step of the monitoring process is transparent, empowering both students and professors to maintain a high standard of integrity.

Upholding Integrity

Upholding Integrity

Integrity is the cornerstone of our company’s values. We conduct ourselves professionally and honestly, always acting as if someone is watching. We want to set an example for students adhering to academic integrity. Our contracts and dealings with educational institutions are upfront, direct, and free from hidden clauses or deceptive practices. We are strongly committed to ethical conduct ensuring our actions and words are in alignment.

Embracing Simplicity

Embracing Simplicity

At Zero Cheating, we believe in a direct and easy approach to detecting cheating. Our focus is on efficiently identifying instances of cheating using easily understandable methods. Instead of relying on indirect or overly complex AI algorithms, we use photo or video evidence to detect cheating involving devices or unauthorized individuals.

We provide professors with a simple summary report of all potential instances of cheating saving them time and effort. The individual reports include clear and easy to interpret evidence. This commitment to simplicity extends to our business dealings, where we prioritize clear communication and streamlined processes. With Zero Cheating, you can expect a user-friendly experience that simplifies the detection of cheating and upholds the integrity of acade.

Identity Verification – Mobile App

Identity Verification Mobile App

Our mobile app uses biometric technology to verify test-takers identity. The methods include fingerprint, retina scan and facial recognition which provides a significantly more secure process than the industry standard photo ID. Additionally, our mobile app avoids discrimination and bias experienced by users of other verification methods. Thus, Zero Cheating provides a more secure and equitable identity verification solution to help maintain academic integrity.

In addition to biometric verification, our app also uses loca tion technology to verify the user’s physical presence during an online exam. This feature ensures the user is physically present at their computer, further enhancing the security of the exam-taking process.

Finally, the app also activates airplane mode prior to the exam starting. This change ensures the phone cannot be used during the exam to cheat by taking photos, sending messages or accessing the internet. With our app’s advanced features, users can feel confident that their exams are being taken securely and with the utmost integrity.